Merouane Benthameur

Senior Data Engineer & Backend Developer Consultant

“ If you can write, << hello world ! >> you can change the world ” ― Raghu Venkatesh.

I believe everyone with a purpose, and a consistent effort, can make a difference. I have created this Website & Blog to keep learning and sharing with you cool projects, topics and tips that you might find helpful to change the world around you .

Thank you for stopping by ..., and Welcome to my Website.

What I do

I'm a data engineer with a solid background in back-end development and DevOps, I have over 10 years experience in building data-intensive applications for clients. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume.
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Python, Golang, Java & C++

I've been coding in python for more than 8 years as my main coding language for various projects like data wrangling, data science and web scraping. I have using Golang for over a year in building Micro-Services and automation. I've also used also Java and C++ for mission-critical projects like data ingestion pipelines and building blockchain smart contracts.
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Apache airflow, oozie & talend

Apache Airflow is my favourite python framework when it comes to building a complex and highly scalable data ingestion pipelines. I also use Oozie when I work on yarn and Hadoop clusters and sometimes I use Talend for some traditional ETL BI needs.

Apache Spark, hadoop & Kafka

When it comes to manipulating a large amount of data, Spark is well suited to this kind of task. I have used this toolset for various mission-critical and Petabyte-Scale data projects.
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PostgreSQL, MySql & Hive

I have used relational databases for different projects, wheater as a backend for web apps and APIs or multidimensional data warehouses. I have also used apache Hive to build data warehouses on top of HDFS clusters.
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MongoDB, Cassandra & Neo4J

I have used multiples NoSql databases as well as Graph Databases for different projects. whether as a backend for applications or in data ingestion pipelines and analytical purposes.
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Jenkins, Docker & Kubernetes

I use Jenkins as my primary CICD tool for basically every project I work on, including this website. The same thing applies for Docker and Kubernetes, it's been more than 3 years, this stack has become my daily work routine.
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Grafana, QlikSense & Tableau

I have worked with different dashboarding tools, depending on the usecase, I have used Prometheus and Grafana mainly for system and application monitoring, and Tableau, QlikSense for reporting purposes.

React, Javascript, HTML & CSS

Frontend development is not my strongest suit!! However, I worked with web technologies on several projects.

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