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Merouane Benthameur

Senior Back-End Developer & Data Engineer Consultant


Experienced Senior Data Engineer and Back-End Developer with 10+ years in developing data-intensive applications, solving complex architectural and scalability issues. Adept at utilizing appropriate tools and designing intuitive architecture for effective analysis and processing of large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Strong experience in coding backend and micro-services for large, scalable websites. Also possess 5+ years of hands-on experience in supporting, automating, and optimizing critical deployments using configuration management and CI/CD on multiple cloud platforms.

Work Experiences


Independent | 2019 - Present

- Client: Exfo
As a Back-End Developer, I successfully undertook multiple mandates to implement a robust microservices backend for a cutting-edge platform dedicated to real-time anomaly detection. This pivotal solution serves major telecom companies, empowering them to monitor their 5G/4G networks efficiently and vigilantly.
Technologies used: Golang, Python, Docker, Jenkins, Hadoop, Kafka, Kubernetes, AWS, Gitlab.

- Client: Bell Canada
In multiple mandates with the Security Operations Center (SOC) team, I assumed roles as both a Senior Back-End Developer and a Data Engineer. As the former, I designed highly scalable system automation and monitoring solutions. In the latter capacity, I architected and constructed petabytes-scale ingestion pipelines using Spark, deployed on a Cloudera cluster.
Technologies used:Golang, Python, Spark, Hive, Docker, Jenkins, Hadoop, Kafka, OpenShift, Prometheus.

Partner & Full-Stack Developer

Eva | 2018/05 - 2019/08

Eva is a ride-sharing application based on the blockchain, I was a partner in the startup, and my main mission was to design and build a scalable backend architecture to support the application.
Technologies used: Python, C++, PostgresSQL, mongoDB, Docker, Jenkins, React, EOSIO, Celery

Senior Backend Developer

City of Montreal | 2018/02 - 2019/04

Working closely with the data science team, I was in charge of the data ingestion and automation with Python and Airflow. I have also worked with the infrastructure team on the integration of QlikSense platform.
Technologies used: Python, PostgresSQL, mongoDB, Docker, Jenkins, Celery, Kubernetes, Airflow

Senior Python Developer Consultant

Uber | 2013 - 2014

I helped clients on building their data ingestion and automation platform using Python and Airflow.
Technologies used: Python, PostgresSQL, mongoDB, Docker, Jenkins, Spark, Airflow

Business Intelligence Developer

Apical Services | 2016/01 - 2017/07

As BI Developer, I was in charge of building ETL process of the enterprise data warehouse. I have worked on a prototype solution to monitor fraudulent transactions using Splunk and Neo4j graph database. I have also worked on many data integration, web crawling and automation projects using Python.
Technologies used: Python, PostgresSQL, Cassandra, Docker, Jenkins, Tableau, Splunk, Neo4j

Business Intelligence Analyst

Acceo Solutions | 2013/11 - 2015/11

Working closely with the finance team, I was in charge of developing a multidimensional data mart to support all the analytic reports of the department.
Technologies used: SQL Server 2012, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, T-SQL, VBA,


Eva Coop


Eva is the first Ride Hailing application built on top of EOSIO Blockchain technology. Founded in late 2017 with the goal in mind to better serve local social economy by establishing cooperative business model based on the decentralization concept of the block chain technology.
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